General Recommendations

H1B. – If you are a professional and have a university degree, you qualify to obtain a work visa in the United States and you can remain with it for up to six continuous years, due to your specialized knowledge and skills.

You only need to prove that you have the equivalent to a ¨US Bachelor Degree¨ and have a job offer.

H2B. – If you are not a professional, you can still have a visa if you have a job offer and if you can prove that your connotations are special as such for the department of labor to certify you as suitable for working in the USA. For example: a cook who is specialized in typical dishes of his own country will have good chances for the visa since there are not many US Citizens or Residents with the experience and knowledge needed for that type of employment position.

Also, this visa applies if the US Company is in shortage of staff in a particular moment or season and needs to increase staff temporarily to fulfill its particular necessities. – Specialized Immigration Attorneys will advise you so you can go legally to work in the United States of America.

Visa L1

Your visa can be granted initially for up to three years and is renewable for periods of two years for a total of up to seven. With it you can reach, in a short period of time, PERMANENT RESIDENCY and work legally in the United States!

Your immediate family can travel and enjoy the same visa, including the issuance of a ¨work permit¨ for your spouse and schooling for the young ones.

The system of – SPECIALIZED ATTORNEYS allows you to have the security that your case will be within the category suitable for the approval and consequent delivery of your visa; unless exceptional circumstances arise, it will be granted. That is why at first instance, we will analyze your case in a deep and meticulous manner to make sure that your time and money are well invested.

If the initial study shows that you do not qualify or cannot meet the requirements for obtaining the visa, you will not lose significant sums of money in fruitless efforts.

¡The legal organization is at your service!

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