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  • I committed a crime in USA. ¿Can I reapply for a visa?
  • I was deported. ¿Will I get a visa again?
  • I was refused a visa three times. ¿Can I apply again?
  • ¿How long before I go to renew my visa?
  • ¿What do I need to renew the visa?
  • Can my wife have a visa, even though we are not married?
  • I want to go to work legally. ¿How can I do it?
  • I want to live legally in the USA. ¿Are there ways to achieve this goal?
  • I have a small business. ¿Can I set up a subsidiary in USA and go there legally to manage it?
  • I am interested in a visa to study English. ¿What I do?
  • I am professional Chef. ¿Can I have a work visa?
  • ¿Does it hurt me to say that I have relatives in the United States?
  • My American citizen son wants to apply for my residence, but I have a wife who is not his/her mother and two children. ¿Will they be included in the petition?
  • I have a criminal record. ¿How I can get the sentence?
  • ¿How many ways are there to become a legal resident?
  • ¿Is it true that there is a visa lottery? ¿What is this?
  • ¿How do I create a company in the USA? ¿Does it take a long time?
  • ¿Should I travel just to start a business?
  • I bought a condo in Florida. ¿What kind of visa will I get for this?
  • I remain more time than allowed as a permit to stay. ¿What is the penalty I must pay?

All questions can be answered by specialists in the field. Just call or email us. Before making a decision, educate yourself properly with professionals in the field. Look very well who advises you.